In 2012 my dear friend Lindsay Thompson approached me with a dream, a pitch, and an offer. Nervously, she asked if I wanted to edit a documentary film about the Camino de Santiago. Confidently, I replied, “I thought you’d never ask!”

While I did not join the crew in Spain, I took the journey with them later through days and terabytes worth of footage. Lindsay and I plowed through interviews, scenes, and more than a few openings.

While I had extensive experience editing narrative shorts, music videos, and the occasional corporate gig, Travel Light provided a challenge that I had not experienced before. Lindsay became not only the director, but the co-editor as well while I balanced engineering school, a new marriage, and a serious illness.

Throughout the re-cuts and endless rounds of notes between each other, there were moments of magic: an interview falls together perfectly on the first cut; a scene is suddenly brought to a new height with just the right score; a comic moment breaks the tension in a delightful way and the audience relaxes.

The film premiered at River Run film festival in 2015 to two sold-out screenings and has gone on to show at numerous other film festivals, even picking up some awards along the way!

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