Woo! Just open-sourced a project I've been plugging away at for TWC, the I'm sure soon-to-be-world-famous [streamsx.cassandra](https://github.com/IBMStreams/streamsx.cassandra). This is a sink operator for IBM Streams that enables writing Streams tuples directly to Cassandra in a fast and scalable manner. It's a thin Java facade (some of the @notations required for Streams Java operators didn't play too well when used in native Scala) for a Scala implementation. I think this is the first legit open source project that I've originated or worked on. (I don't think this website or the [HokeyPokeyTree](https://github.com/ecurtin/HokeyPokeyTree) really count) #devcred, #opensource, #realdeveloper, etc. Although maybe I have to publish something to npm before using hashtags about it?